Join us on September 21st at 11am for a groundbreaking ceremony, in conjunction with the Camden County Commissioner’s office, the Lake of the Ozarks Convention and Visitors Bureau, all three local Chambers of Commerce, and numerous local community officials.

The land has recently seen a lot of activity with the crews working daily getting it ready for the building of 11 baseball fields in hope to attract some of the best baseball teams from around the world.   They hope that the site will allow players and family members to enjoy a rich experience both on and off the field. Ballparks of the Ozarks is centrally located in the United States and offers ease of travel without breaking the family’s budget.

baseballLocated almost in the dead center of the United States at the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks, the Ballparks of the Ozarks welcomes its patrons to enjoy more coastline than California. In addition, this resort region offers the best in shopping, golf, water sports, water parks, state parks, amusement parks, camping, and fishing, as well as the largest variety of lodging choices to be found at any baseball facility in the

No longer will Mom, siblings, and other relatives be forced to grind out a tournament on dusty bleachers with nothing to do between games. Along with the finest culinary options available in the country, at Ballparks of the Ozarks the outside options for teams and families between games and before and after tournaments make this destination one that no one in the family will want to miss. Ballparks of the Ozarks will offer concierge services to help every guest and team enjoy the many options available in the area. Other on-site amenities include batting cages, parking in close proximity to each field, a playground for the little patrons, and a pro shop.