Congresswoman Hartzler with Donald Trump, November 2017


WASHINGTON, District of Columbia- On Friday Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler issued a statement on the president’s recent trip to Missouri touting tax reform. The Senate narrowly passed the GOP’s legislation  early Saturday morning following a marathon voting session overnight. The legislation garnered no support among Senate Democrats.

Her statement is as follows:

“This Wednesday it was an honor to accompany President Donald J. Trump on his trip to Missouri and welcome him to the Show-Me State. Americans are ready for a change in the tax code that allows them to “get ahead” instead of just “getting by.” The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act would do just that by roughly doubling the standard deduction, which seventy-one percent of Missourians currently use. This change would make more of Missourians’ income tax-free. Additionally, the bill would lower taxes on American businesses so they can create more jobs and become more competitive globally. It would also simplify the tax code, so Americans can file their taxes on a piece of paper the size of a postcard.”

“I look forward to continuing to work with President Trump and my colleagues in the Senate to conference this bill and bring Missourians and the American people much-needed relief.”