LEBANON, Missouri- A March 15th hearing has been set in the court of Judge Larry Winfrey for Dustin R. Mask of Stoutland who is accused of assaulting a Lebanon Police officer in the parking on January 25th.

Mask is charged with Assault 1st Degree Or Attempt – Serious Physical Injury Or Special Victim, and Unlawful Possession Of A Firearm.

The Lebanon Police Department in a report, says shortly after 4:00 p.m.  on January 25th, an officer was called to Infuze Credit Union at 395 East Highway 32 on a stolen check cashing report. Employees said the suspect was at the drive-thru of the business trying to pass the check valued at $1,500.00.  A second responding officer arrived to see an officer on the ground with a handcuffed suspect, identified as Mask.

The police report says  when the first officer arrived at the Credit Union he saw the suspect car stopped in the drive thru, he  then approached the car and noticed all three occupants were acting strangely. The officer said he ordered  the 29 year old male driver  to exit the vehicle. He said  he noticed the suspect kept reaching down toward the floor board. During the following arrest attempt, the driver attacked the officer and then fled to the edge of the parking lot. The officer said he and the driver then struggled and the suspect struck him in the face.

The  driver again attempted  to flee  the field next to the Credit Union. That’s when the cop used  his Taser and one probe struck Mask and the other did not make contact. During the altercation the officer attempted to discharge his second cartridge but it would not deploy, the police report explained. The  officer said Mask continued to physically resist him and they struggled to the edge of the parking lot  and that’s when a male passerby pulled into the parking lot and assisted the officer in the arrest of the suspect driver until other units came on scene.

Dustin R. Mask is being legally represented by Stacy Leigh Patterson in the case.