LEBANON, Missouri- Holman Howe Funeral Home is celebrating their 85th Anniversary year, the firm was founded in 1933 by W.E. and Willie Jane Holman. Owner Kenny Howe says his father worked here as a student in 1934 and later joined the firm full-time in 1939.

“It was a difficult time to begin a new business in the middle of the Great Depression….they also did casualty work and backup ambulance service for Ft Leonard Wood during World War II.”

“Through many years we operated emergency ambulance service. My folks assumed full ownership in the early 1950s.”

“The last several years we have built our own family group as we expanded to neighborhood communities . Our first was in Hartville in 1989….then Mansfield and Seymour in 1996. Camdenton in 2000. Then Bolivar in 2008 . We purhased and merged both funeral homes in Buffalo in 2017 and 2018 under the combined names of Cantlon-Otterness and Viets. We purchased Mt Rose Memorial Park in 1998. All of this has been under the sole ownership of the Howe family.”

“We think we are the oldest business in Lebanon and Laclede County that is still at its original location.”

“Jeffries Abstract has been around but under different names and different location. Independent Stave started in 1906 but didn’t move to Lebanon til 1936 or 39. The Hospital started in 1933. Vernon’s Market started in the 1920s late, but moved to different buildings,” Howe said.