PITTSBURG, Pennsylavnia-  The tea-lemonade concoction that now popularly bears Arnold Palmer’s name was the favored beverage by golfing legend and four-time Masters champion who died Sunday.

But how the liquor-free refreshment came to be known as an “Arnold Palmer,” was probably more happenstance than anything else.

It seems that the drink got its name as bar patrons overheard the golfing great order it on a couple of occasions at  courses. One woman is said to have requested “that Palmer drink,” after hearing him.

Palmer said he had been drinking it at home in Latrobe, Pennsylvania after some brief experimentation on tea and lemonade ratios. He then began bringing it in a thermos while on tour.

You also probably have been drinking it wrong. Many folks believe it is a 50/50 mixture, not so says the originator himself. Palmer, in a 30 for 30 Digital Short for ESPN said the beverage should be dominated by tea. He said the drink should be three parts unsweetened tea, to one part lemonade. There you have it now from the man himself.

Oh, you also never, ever put alcohol in it, never, ever. That’s a “John Daly.”

The “Arnold Palmer” has since been branded and sold through a number of distributors.

But however you drink it, you may want to pause a moment and remember its namesake, a legendary figure that dominated golfing and forever changed the landscape of the sport. Arnold Palmer wore the Green Jacket four times at Augusta for Masters wins in 1958, 1960, 1962, and  1964 among other highly prestigious national and international wins. In 1996, he was named Golfer of the Century.

Here are his accomplishments over his golfing career.

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