LACLEDE COUNTY, Missouri- The Missouri Highway Patrol, Lake Area Narcotics and the Laclede County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant at a residence in the 27000 block of North Highway 5 on March 6, 2018, David Millsap said in a press release. During the search of the residence, officers recovered 14 stolen items related to three burglaries that occurred between October 2017 and February 2018.

Officers recovered hunting equipment, a stolen television, motorcycle ramps, a crossbow and a gun. There was no one at the residence at the time of the search warrant. The Sheriff’s Office does have a person of interest that are attempting to locate.

“This was productive search warrant to regain property that was stolen in some recent burglaries. The evidence we have been able to gather leads us to believe the resident, at this location, is involved in a number of illegal activities,” Sheriff David Millsap said.

“I want to remind everyone the importance of recording serial numbers, or placing unique identifying information, on their property. Especially important to record the serial numbers on your guns, tools and construction equipment. Often at search warrants we see items that might be stolen property, but we have no way to prove the item is stolen. The legal standard to seize an item is probable cause, so could be or might be stolen doesn’t allow us to seize the property. Obviously, that is frustrating for us, and keeps us from recovering stolen property that could be returned to the rightful owners, ” Millsap added.