DIXON, Illinois- SaukValley.com reports the gunman who opened fire at Dixon High School has been identified by several eyewitnesses as former senior Matt Milby, 19, who recently was expelled.

Police are declining to confirm Milby as the shooter now.

Officer Mark Dallas. courtesy Keri Wittgan

Milby came to the school around 8 a.m. and entered the foyer of the Lancaster Gym, where about 150 seniors were getting ready to practice for Sunday’s graduation ceremony, the report explained.

Brianna Johnson, 19, saw Milby peeking in the window. He entered the gym with a long-barreled gun of some sort, and began shooting, she said.

“All of a sudden, we saw someone come in the new gym lobby doors, and we heard this pop! pop! pop!,” 18-year-old Kylie Shaw said. “We just thought it was firecrackers, then we saw pieces of the ceiling coming down.”

Milby fired several shots near the west gym, was confronted by school resource officer Mark Dallas and started running west on Armory Drive. He fired several shots at Dallas, who returned fire and hit him in the upper shoulder.

Both Brianna and Kylie heard three or four shots before gym teacher Andrew McKay slammed the door to the foyer and told everyone to “go, go, go,” then “everyone was sprinting in all different directions,” Kylie said.

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