LEBANON, Missouri- Local high school art teacher Elizabeth Barker is wondering where the cedar tree is in  Lebanon  that started as a 1955 sapling gift from the nation of Lebanon. She hopes to tell Fadi BouKaram, a Lebanese photographer, who has located and visited the locations where these trees were planted.

President Camille Chamoun is given the Ohio State Flag by Lebanon, Ohio mayor, William Fraser


First Lady Zalfa Chamoun gives Lebanon, Nebraska representative, Charles Harris, a cedrus libani sapling.


Barker says 62 years ago, mayors from 7 United States cities named  Lebanon were invited to visit the country Lebanon and were each presented cedar trees as a gift to plant back home.


Fadi BouKaram said his quest to visit American cities named Lebanon was by accident, ” I was googling Lebanon (my country), and I got a link to Lebanon, Pennsylvania, which got me wondering. Then I started scouring the online databases the US has of its city names, and I found over 50. ”

He apparently was in Lebanon, Missouri on February 12, but his visit did not receive attention. Since he met with a mishap in Albuquerque when his RV was stolen.

If you know the location of the gifted cedar tree, please contact Mayor Josh Ray, who is researching the project.