LEBANON, Missouri- A Lebanon police report filed yesterday says an investigation is underway after a male, described as 29 years old from Lebanon allegedly pursued  a 15 year-old girl on Facebook.

A woman  told police  that a man claiming to be 19 years-old had messaged her fiancé’s daughter, a girl from Ava, Missouri.  The messages on Facebook asked questions like “how old are you?” and what “are you wearing?” she said. 

She also told police she communicated with the man online and told him to stop messaging the girl, but said the man may be attempting to victimize other children.

The victim’s family says they are glad their daughter was smart enough to know what was going on. “I’m confident justice will be served even if it’s just the publicity. … I hope for more, but if not. .. I know we got HIS attention. Legal action such as charges or not, he’s getting consequences for his actions simply be people knowing if that makes sense,” a family member said.

Yesterday, Slim Chickens of Lebanon posted a message saying the man had been fired from their employment, but it has since been deleted. 

The complete text of the conversation is republished below:  

M (male) : Hey Beautiful

F (female teen) : How old are you?

M: I am 19

M: You?

F: Do you have a kid?

M: Yea Is That A Bad Thing?

F: No that’s chill but you probably should not be messaging younger girls.

M: How old are you?

F: 15

M: That’s Not Much Of A Difference Sweetie.

F; Don’t call me that

M: Sorry

M: What are you wearing? Jw

P : This is (edited)’s mom. You so much think About messaging her again… I’ll press charges. Need proof who this is. I’ll show you.  Her dad is right next to me. Back off.