UPDATE- The man charged with abducting an Anderson woman and keeping her chained in a metal storage shed has implicated himself in a 13-year-old unsolved murder of four at a Chesnee motorcycle shop, and is now suspected in the deaths of as many as seven people, the sheriff announced late Saturday night.

Sheriff Chuck Wright said murder warrants have been drawn charging Todd Christopher Kohlhepp with the murder of four people at Superbike Motorsports in Chesnee, a quadruple slaying that occurred exactly 13 years ago Sunday.

In addition, Kohlhepp, who was seen walking the property with investigators Saturday afternoon, has led authorities to where he said two other bodies are buried. Wright did not identify those individuals, nor, he said, have investigators unearthed those remains, says WMAZ

“Mr. Todd talked to me today and I prayed with him,” Wright said. “I prayed that he would find God.”

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WOODRUFF, South Carolina  — A day after a body was found in a shallow grave on property owned by a Spartanburg County real estate agent, investigators returned to the scene hoping to find answers to their grisly discovery says 13WMAZ.

Before the sun had risen, law enforcement was present at the property where 30-year-old Anderson woman Kala Brown was found alive but chained around her neck and ankles inside a metal shed earlier this week.

Law enforcement has equipment and vehicles near the back of the clearing on the property to continue the investigation. They fear they are dealing with the work of a serial killer. Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright said they would continue the painstaking process of searching the property for as long as it took to find answers. Wright said they had searched about 30-40% of the property since Brown was discovered on Thursday. They have found numerous weapons and ammunition.

He said Brown told them there could be as many as four bodies on the 95-acre property.

Todd Christopher Kohlhepp, 45, is the owner of the property and is the center of the investigation. On Friday, he was arraigned on a charge of kidnapping Brown.

He has not been charged in any deaths, but 7th Circuit Solicitor Barry Barnette said at least one murder charge is likely against Kohlhepp. Brown, he said, has told investigators she watched Kohlhepp shoot her boyfriend, Charles David Carver, 32.

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