LEBANON, Missouri- The mother of the only survivor of the Ivey Lane fire posted today on Facebook that Alee Maleck has undergone surgery and will receive  skin grafts.

Lori Carillo said the following:

Alee is out of surgery. The debriding went well and she tolerated it enough for the doctors to feel comfortable enough doing the skin grafts. They were able to do all the grafts they were wanting to do. Next step is making sure the grafts take. She will still be kept sedated and on the ventilator for a while (probably days, at least).

She is no where near being out of the woods so keep praying and sending good thoughts and positive vibes or whatever you believe in. She has a very long road ahead of her.”

Alee Malleck was severely injured in the fire that claimed  five children  in Lebanon, Mo. Wednesday. Two of Alee’s children did not survive.

Donations for the family can be left at the Laclede County Sheriff’s Office and a number of local churches.

Click here to support Carrillo and Family organized by Elizabeth Dawn Lewis

I have made this account to help raise money for a friend of mine that I went to Culinary school with. These funds will be used for medical expenses, funeral and memories services, and for anything else this family needs to restart their lives. Here is her tragic story…