LEBANON, Missouri (PRESS RELEASE)- Council member Jim White says ‎ City Council will vote on the first reading of ordinance Monday, May 14, 2018 to raise winter electric rates for residential and small business customers by up to 20%. Residential usage after 3,000 kwh is proposed to increase from $0.0671 to $0.0803 per kwh. Potentially impacting 45% of city’s population. Small businesses will also see substantial rate increases. Commercial rate 1 after the 1st 100 kwh raises from $0.0825 to $0.0978. Commercial rate 2 after first 400 kwh raises from $0.0627 to $0.0723. Commercial rate 1 and commercial rate 2 are the rate schedules most often used by small business. Staff touts the new rates as not being a rate increase because the change in rates overall is revenue neutral for the electric fund as other electric rates are to be decreased by a corresponding dollar amount. Although, staff does admit to “some” individual customers’ bills being raised due to the change in rates. The quantity of “some” happens to number in the thousands of customers, White said in the statement. Proposed ordinance can be found at http://www.lebanonmissouri.org/…/Council-Bill-No-4626–Code….