TULSA, Oklahoma- Tulsa World reports that one person was struck in the head when shots broke out in the stadium at McLain High School on Friday night during the final minutes of a football game between the Titans and Tahlequah Sequoyah.

A juvenile male was shot in the left temple. Police said the bullet grazed his head, going as deep as his bone, but it wasn’t considered life-threatening.

“He’s conscious. He got a little bit woozy, but he is in stable condition,” Police Cpl. Naresh Persaud said.

The shooting occurred after an argument between two groups inside the stadium. The fight remained strictly verbal until the shot was fired, Persaud said.

Police aren’t sure what caused the fight, but said some derogatory words were thrown around then it “spun out of control.” A small-caliber gun was recovered from the scene, Persaud said.

Witnesses identified the shooting suspect and he was arrested. Police didn’t release his name but said he was a juvenile. Three other boys believed to be involved in the fight were taken into custody for questioning, Persaud said.

Several other young people were injured in the chaos following the shooting as they attempted to flee the stadium. Most of those injuries were considered minor, such as sprained ankles, Persaud said.

One girl who was hyperventilating was taken from the scene in an ambulance.

Tulsa Police’s Gang Unit was on the scene investigating, but Persaud said it’s unclear whether or not the shooting was gang-related.

Following the shooting, with a few minutes left in regulation, officials called the game with Tahlequah Sequoyah ahead 26-6.

Shots also have been reported at a Louisiana game.

This is a developing story.