LEBANON, Missouri-  Laclede Electric Cooperative announced that it will implement a new rate schedule effective with bills rendered after April 20, 2017. All rate classifications (residential and commercial) will receive a $4.20 increase to the Service Availability Charge.

Additionally, the Residential Rate Structure will be changed to a flat charge of $0.081 per kWh. The current Rate Structure contains two energy (kWh) blocks. This change is designed to simplify the Residential Rate Structure.

The average LEC member using 1,300 kWh per month currently pays $126.36. After the April 2017 increase they will pay $129.30, which is an increase of $2.94 or 2.30% per month.

“In late 2016, Laclede Electric completed a rate analysis and budget review. We were informed that wholesale power supply costs would be increasing and just as many aspects of today’s business costs continue to rise, so have our costs to deliver electricity to our members,” Reported CEO/General Manager Marc Roecker.

“After carefully analyzing our projections, in order to maintain adequate financial strength and continue providing safe, reliable electric service, it will be necessary for us to adjust our pricing structure,” continued Roecker. “As a member-owned, not-for-profit electric cooperative, our philosophy is to raise rates only when necessary to cover the cost of doing business, not marked up to generate a profit. We will continue to be diligent in controlling costs and remain focused on our mission of serving our members with safe, reliable and reasonably-priced electric service.”