LACLEDE COUNTY, Missouri- Laclede Electric Cooperative has provided the following update on utility restoration following Saturday’s storms:

All available LEC crews and multiple contract crews continue working to put the system back together after yesterday’s devastating storm. There are a total of 85 outages, leaving 1,100 members without power.
Below is a breakdown of the areas continuing to be affected.


• Feeder 5 out of the Coffman substation.
Total affected 177 members

There are 3 broken poles, multiple lines down and trees across lines. This area includes Clinton Road, Dove Road, Highway C, Crabapple, Cole Road, Highway HH, Ostrich Drive, Potomac Drive, Hwy 5, Raintree Drive and Clover Road.

Line Section
• Lebanon Substation, Feeder 2
Total affected 114 members
This area includes Riley Drive, Hwy F, Robin Drive, Peach Drive, Prairie Hill and Pennington Drive.

• Coffman Substation, Feeder 3
Total affected 99 members
This area includes Dade Road, Dove Road, Daisy Road, Hwy HH and Pleasant View Drive.

• Orla Substation, Feeder 8
Total affected 88 members
This area includes hwy V, Camelot, Crabapple Road, Clinton Road, Hwy 5 and Skyline Drive.

• Long Lane, Feeder 3

Total affected 63 members

This area includes Highway OO, Memphis Drive, Morris Drive, Easton Road and Eisenhower Road.
There are 21 additional outages that are affecting 50 members or less each. There are also approximately 50 individual outages that have been reported as well.

They ask affected members to remain patient as crews continue to work diligently to restore service to all locations.