LAS VEGAS, Nevada – Victims of the Las Vegas mass shooting are getting a healing visit from the Lutheran Church Charities comfort dogs as they have been invited there to visit those affected. Around 19 individual comfort dog teams are presently deployed.


LCC posted about their visit on their website and Facebook page and said they will be at Sunrise Hospital to be with patients and hospital staff during this difficult time according to a report by WGN. 

After 59 people were killed and more than 550 wounded in the mass shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday night, Lutheran Church Charities’ K-9 Ministry teams responded immediately visiting hospitals, schools, churches and first responders, and participating in community vigils starting early Monday morning.

“We don’t know why this massive shooting took place, but we know that comfort is needed at this time to help people heal! Help us be that presence of Jesus Christ in this community,” they said.

In August of last year, dog handlers Kenneth Eby, and Heidi Gustin , a bus driver and two comfort dogs were shot when they were caught in the crossfire during a random shooting attack in Joplin. They were in a bus headed to Joplin for training.

The two comfort dogs, Louie and Jackson survived their wounds.

LCC K-9 Police Ministry Dogs & Law Enforcement Handlers
Aaron (St. John’s – Napa, California) & Ken Arnold
Eve (St. John’s – Lombard, Illinois) & Mike Millet
Reuben (First Lutheran – Yuba City, California) & James Casner

LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs
Angel (St. John’s – La Grange, Illinois)
Cubby (Redeemer – Ft. Collins, Colorado)
Eddie (Peace Lutheran – Grand Island, Nebraska)
Hannah (LCC Staff)
Jacob (LCC Staff)
Jeremiah (LCC Staff)
Katie (Trinity – Fremont, Nebraska)
Kye (Immanuel – Belvidere, Illinois)
Lois (First Good Shepherd – Las Vegas, Nevada)
Mahlah (Our Savior – Milford, Illinois)
Moses (Christ Lutheran – Cairo, Nebraska)
Nicodemus (The Rock – Seward, Nebraska)
Ruthie (LCC Staff)
Titus (Trinity – Prescott Valley, Arizona)

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