LEBANON, Missouri– Allon Campbell, 26, who suffered a gunshot wound on December 8th has been arrested by the Missouri State Highway Patrol. The City of Lebanon Police Department also filed an arrest report (below.)

Campbell was taken in on Laclede County warrants for resisting arrest and vehicle theft. There is also an additional charge of resisting arrest. He will face arraignment on January 7th.

Allon Campbell, Laclede County Sheriff’s Office

On Saturday December 8th, police say in a report they found an injured Allon Campbell sitting on a chair in the kitchen. Police say Campbell had an entry wound gunshot to the right center area of his chest from a small caliber weapon. There was an exit wound at his top right shoulder. Police questioned the victim about who had shot him, but he said he did not know.

Arrest records say that he is on a 24 hour hold.

12-24-18 Report 18-3620