LEBANON Missouri- Lebanon Link and Missouri has implemented a change in policy in regards to municipal police reports. As the result of several recent threatened lawsuits and negative feedback, we will now redact the names of individuals listed in the public records made available by Lebanon Police. Those are primarily the names of suspects that are facing formal charges or have been arrested on warrants.

“While I fee the public is best served when all applicable information that does not violate legal protections is made available, the change in policy still serves citizens in providing a glimpse into police activity,” Lebanon Link publisher Bill Benson said.

“However, I do feel recently there has been unusual pressures placed on the press that may endanger the freedoms that Constitutional protections provide.” Benson added.

Lebanon Link will still continue to publish the contents, including involved parties, in Missouri Highway Patrol crash, arrest and drowning reports and the content made available by the Laclede County Sheriff’s Office.