LEBANON, Missouri- While Americans seem to be divided on recent hotbed political issues such as the removal of Confederate statues and sometimes heated public demonstrations, Lebanon R-III school teacher Ashley Brogdon Denney says she has seen many positives that don’t reflect national strife in the return to school here. She has cited the following examples in a Facebook post:

“1. A very pretty, popular, athlete walked over to sit by and talk to a new student sitting by himself because he looked lonely. This is not the first time I have seen her do this. 

2. A football player was introduced to a new student who was also a football player. When the coach walked away he could have too. He didn’t. He stood there and talked to him and introduced others who walked up. 

3. A new student in my classroom was telling me she was scared because she didn’t know anyone. She also has high anxiety. Another student overheard her, walked over and told her she would be her friend. I saw them together all day!

4. A girl also with anxiety was in tears and feeling overwhelmed on the second day of school. Another student noticed this, quietly got out of her seat, went over hugged her and just sat beside her. 

A couple of facts about each of these moments. They didn’t know anyone was watching. They didn’t do it for recognition. Each of these 4 students went from a look of fear/loneliness to a smile. They acted out of kindness! Yes, this generation is not what we were. They are bold and outspoken. Some are disrespectful. But…… many are kind! I am not saying turn a blind eye to the bad but notice the good! Tell your kids to be kind and lead by example. Kindness is contagious! Be positive and be kind! If nothing else, it will make you feel good! But maybe…… you could change someone’s life!”