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LEBANON, Missouri- A local woman is seeking help in the return of a prized family possession. Elizabeth Bauer-Barker says a clock that belonged to her grandmother who resided at Christian Healthcare North was ordered thrown away the Summer of 2017 and she thinks someone may have retrieved it from a dumpster at the assisted living facility. Barker is offering a $500 reward for its return with no questions asked. The clock was apparently removed from the room while resident was still living. She says the the nursing home claims the public administrator had directed the heirloom be discarded. The clock has been in the family for two generations.

Barker says the clock was thrown out because it wasn’t picked up with other possessions after her grandmother had moved to another room.

“Karen Guinn called me in June to pick up a rocking chair, a sofa, an end table and some pictures. The clock was not with those items so it never occurred to me to look for it or inquire about it,” Barker says.

Barker said when she asked the public administrator, Karen Guinn about clock, she says she was unaware of it. However, she says the nursing home’s administrator, Adam Knapp had called Guinn because he thought Barker would want the clock. It was at that time, the Public Administrator directed the facility to dispose of it according to the home. By policy, the nursing home was prevented from contacting Barker directly.

Barker says she doesn’t know which story is true- that of the nursing home administrator or Karen Guinn.

Barker would like to pass the clock along to family members in Texas, ” It would mean a lot if the family could pass this heirloom down…”

If you have information about the grandfather clock, you can reach Elizabeth Bauer-Barker at 417-664-0458.