LEBANON, Missouri: The owners of Pig Pen BBQ at 211 East Elm St say they are going to sell their business. Their lease not being renewed cemented their decision, they explained. The following was posted on Facebook: 

“Hey Pig Pen BBQ fans, we want to take this opportunity to pass along what we feel is an important announcement. On Thursday, September 1 we received a letter from our landlord’s attorney notifying us that our building lease which expires October 31 was not going to be renewed or extended. We have to be out of our building before November 1.

While this was not exactly something we expected, it was also not a complete surprise. For several months now our family has been considering the future and what role Pig Pen BBQ would play in that. That subject was discussed at length on our recent vacation and we came to a decision at that time. Earlier this week we notified the people who work with us of our decision to put Pig Pen BBQ up for sale. This development only serves to reinforce that decision, adding the complication that a new owner would have to find a building to operate from.

Owning and operating Pig Pen BBQ has been a tremendous blessing for our family. It has given us an opportunity to make several new friends and to quite literally meet people from all over the world as they travel Route 66. We have been entrusted by people to make special occasions like weddings, family reunions and surprise parties memorable and that is something we have never taken lightly. Serving people good food is something we find rewarding, and it has been a privilege to do that for over four years.

Our family has laid the foundation for new ownership to come in and take Pig Pen BBQ to the next level. There are many possibilities to expand the business. “Mom and Pop” businesses are what built this country and we are proud to say we have been a part of that. However, after building out two restaurants in the past four and a half years, we simply do not want to do that a third time. If you are interested in owning Pig Pen BBQ, we would welcome the opportunity to sit down and discuss this with you. For a qualified person, there is a possibility of some assumable financing. However, unless this happens quickly we will have no other choice but to start the process of liquidating the business to meet our deadline at the end of October.

Most of all, we want to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting us and encouraging us over the past four-plus years. Our plan at this time is to continue to operate as usual for the next several weeks as we attempt to sell the business. Until then, it’s a great day for BBQ!!!

We will continue to teach the concealed carry classes and advanced handgun classes.”