LONG BEACH, California- Local Station KABC is reporting a 45-year-old fire captain has died and another firefighter is in stable condition after both were shot and wounded when a gunman opened fire at a Long Beach senior housing facility early Monday.

Fire officials said the firefighter who died was Long Beach Fire Department Capt. Dave Rosa from Fire Station 10. The husband and father of two was a member of the fire department for 17 years, the KABC report explained.

Authorities responded to the 11-story Covenant Manor in the 600 block of E. 4th Street in the downtown area of the city at about 4 a.m. over reports of an explosion and fire.

Firefighters discovered a fire at the facility, some windows blown out and activated sprinklers — all as they smelled some type of gas. After extinguishing the blaze, firefighters searched the building and shots were fired, Long Beach Fire Department officials said.

Fire officials said two firefighters were shot and wounded. Rosa was in critical condition and the other sustained non-life threatening injuries. Rosa was pronounced dead at St Mary Medical Center.

Police Sgt. Brad Johnson said another person was also wounded and hospitalized, but had no more information about that victim, KABC said.

Johnson said a man believed responsible for the shooting is a resident of the facility and was taken into custody.

Residents in the high-rise building were evacuated and nearby streets were closed.

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