From GoFundMe


DESTIN, Florida- A GoFundMe account says that a Steelers fan from Florida now living in Bali is paralyzed after a monkey stole his cap.

The fund says that on the 18th December,  Jeff “Swede” Swedenhjelm fell 33 feet through a roof in Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia, while trying to get his hat back from a monkey who had stolen it seconds earlier.


From GoFundMe

“It’s a miracle he is alive but is now paralyzed from the chest down. He has tingling feeling in his arms and hands only and is in need immediate medical care,” the author of the fund, Heather Curry said.

“Swede” himself, said the following:

“I am reaching out to all of you in a state of paralysis.”

“A few nights ago, in Bali, I had an accident that has crippled me from the chest down, and has only allowed me to feel a tingling sensation in hands and arms. Other than that the only parts are working are my head and my heart, which is how I hope to reach you.”

“Early diagnosis is that full recovery is rare and partial recovery will take at least 3 months to gain feeling in my lower extremities and possibly over a year to walk again.”

“Obviously this is going to incur a great deal of medical expenses. I am hopeful that the time we shared on this wonderful planet has given me enough love and respect in your heart to make you want to help. I have never been the one to ask for help, especially in monetary form, but  any help will be taken to heart. Thank you all in advance. One Love. <3 Swede”

The collected money will help get the man out of Bali for more comprehensive care elsewhere.