UPDATE: Dustin and Ryan are safe

KEY WEST, Florida- Many are wondering about the fate of the two-man crew on the sailing yacht SV Andromeda after they broadcasted taking on Hurricane Irma while moored at Bight Marina in Key West. They have not been accounted for since posting the now viral videos.

Ryan Stone and Dustin Greer were aboard the nearly 70 foot aluminum hulled Nordia Van Dam sailboat when the tropical cyclone with over 100 mile per hour winds impacted the Florida Keys Sunday morning.

Greer, a Jacksonville resident, began live streaming the storm from the deck of the single-masted Andromeda almost from the onset. In a calm voice he narrated the onslaught of high winds and sea spray, noting debris in the water and the flapping jib sail of a neighboring vessel. The videos posted garnered around over a half-a-million views. But the loss of cell phone towers hindered the broadcasts.

Several Facebook users requested that the US Coast Guard check on the vessel, which drew this response:

“We are still severely degraded and delayed in any response capabilities. The storm is still currently moving up the coast, and as soon as we can, response and rescue operations will begin. Please give us time a little time, we will not forget our community! Thank you for all the concerns, effort, and support.”

Dustin Greer

Dustin Greer described himself as self-employed on his Facebook page.

Ryan Stone

Ryan Stone, from Key West, said he is employed by Soul Escapes. He is a Pennsylvania native.

The Facebook page says the yacht is a 68′ Nordia Van Dam built in 1976 in Holland for a wealthy attorney in Florida.