LEBANON, Missouri- Stephen Marcum publicized on Tuesday that he will seek the Ward 1 City Council seat on the upcoming April 4th ballot, he also sought to address an issue between he and Gib Adkins. January 17th was the last day of candidate filing. 

Marcum posted the following on Facebook:

“So as many know, I am running for City Council again in my hometown. I have been throwing around in the idea if I should mention this but to be honest, I have to be honest and confront rumors.

Gib Adkins and I ran against each other last year. Gib was overheard by some and spoke to others who have relayed it back to me a few comments.
“Stephen Marcum is not who we want running this City”

“We dont want someone with PTSD running our Ward”

Now I am not running against Mr Adkins but I will address his insulting comments.

I have been diagnosed with PTSD but the real question is how does it effect my attitude and judgement?

Its simple, I am very up front. I am not out to make deals or friends. I believe in common sense and also that every choice we make should also be a learning experience. I am not ashamed to admit ignorance on something I do not know. My father taught my brother and I something very important while making us work on our own vehicles. If you only know a partial about something but pretend to know more, then you actually only know enough to screw it up worse. Stupidity is the fear of admitting ignorance.

My parents, grandparents and the military has instilled a desire to serve. Allow me to share on this.

My grandfather Kenneth Lowrance served in the AirForce and was a VERY Southern Baptist Pastor.

My grandfather David Marcum served in the Army and also helped establish the first rural fire dept.

My father Danny Marcum served in the Army. He also was a firefighter, a first responder, he volunteered for Red Cross until his treatments had gotten to him, but he was also a decan and a Baptist Pastor as well.

Some may say having the drive to serve doesnt mean you have the experience. I am sure we could argue both ways on that but luckily we dont have to.
After return to my hometown I was invited to sit on the board of S.C.A.N. (Supporting Children with Additional Needs www.scan4kids.com) Since then I have moved my way up to VP on the board.

I was appointed by Danny Rhoades to the EEZ Board(Enhanced Enterprise Zone Board) for our County.

I was appointed by Mayor Josh Ray to fill his seat on the Planning and Zoning Board.

I was offered help by helping a hero to move into a home anywhere in the US. I choose Lebanon because it is my HomeTown and I know we have the potential to be more. The most important foundation pieces to a city is budgeting, law and safety.

Our spending (budget) needs to be done with common sense. A single example out of many; we put new light poles and stop signs up down commercial street. Yet the sidewalk is cracked and has chunks missing. The baskets that hang from the poles actually hang over walkways yet the baskets are low enough you have to duck under them. There is wires, some of which are bare, hanging out of bases. But the list goes on.
Law and safety. We continue to loose more and more police and fireman, in a field where knowing the man next to you inside and out can mean saving their life or a person in distress.

We understand there is only so much in the budget but has anyone sat down with them and said “hey, what is wrong, what is going on, what can we do to fix this?”

The issue is the morale across the board in our city employees is so low, its unacceptable. When morale is low, people dont give their 100% because the motivation is depleting.

So again, we ask what is wrong.

They wont say, but why you ask?

Because everything has to flow through our City Administrator first. The system is broke on the inside.

You know the initial question of how does my PTSD effect me, it drives me to speak the truth. I am not afraid to call out some of our City Council is friends with our City Administrator and protect him. I am not saying you cant have friends, the mayor is a brother of mine, a brother in Arms. But if he slips, I will be the first one to call him out. Because its not about the person, its about the people, the people in our Ward and in our City.

I am running for City Council Ward 1.”


Stephen Marcum