VIENNA, Missouri- The Maries County Sheriff Chris Heitman says a Cuba, Missouri convicted felon has been arrested on numerous weapons,theft, drug, and vehicle violations. He may face federal firearms charges.

On the evening of December 20, 2017, while members of the Maries County Sheriff’s Office and LANEG Drug Task Force were conducting drug interdiction traffic patrol, Maries County Detective Scott John conducted a traffic stop on Highway 63 south of Vienna on a vehicle with defective equipment.

Timothy D Georges. Courtesy, sheriff’s office.

During the course of the traffic stop Detective John determined the driver of the vehicle had an active suspended Missouri driver’s license, did not have insurance on the vehicle, and the vehicle was displaying plates of another vehicle not belonging to the driver. Detective John became increasingly suspicious of the drivers behavior and explanations which lead him to request the Maries County K-9 Unit, Corporal Bret Turnbough, respond to his location to assist with the investigation.

While Detective John was dealing with the driver Corporal Turnbough observed what appeared to be several bags of marijuana and two Glock magazines located inside a bag in plain view on the front passenger seat. The driver, Timothy D Georges, 44 years old, of Cuba, MO, was arrested by Detective John and found to have a large amount of cash on his person, counterfeit money, as well as controlled substance in his front pocket. A probable cause search of the vehicle was conducted by Detective John and Corporal Turnbough which lead to the discovery of 4 handguns and 5 long guns. Three of the firearms were loaded and chambered, 2 of the hand guns were stolen out of Rolla and Washington, Mo, and two of the long-guns had been illegally modified. A 12 gauge shotgun had been outfitted with a pistol grip and sawed off 13” short barrel while a Colt AR-15 semi auto rifle contained a fully automatic bolt carrier.

Georges is a convicted felon in seven states across the US, is disqualified from possessing firearms, and out of the Missouri Department of Corrections on parole. Georges has arrests and convictions including Stealing of a Motor Vehicle, Property Damage 1st Degree, Stealing, Tampering with Motor Vehicle, Forgery, Larceny, Vehicle Theft, Possession Drug Equipment, Fraud/Illegal Use of Credit Device, Burglary, Aggravated Robbery, Armed Robbery, Aggravated Battery, Unlawful Restraint, Defacing of Firearm, Unlawful Use of Weapon, Unlawful Possession of Weapon by Felon, Resisting Peace Officer, Possession of Marijuana, Obstructing Justice, and Domestic Battery.

Maries County Sheriff’s Office says with the vehicle not being legal for the roadway, deputies had the vehicle and the trailer, which contained a UTV, moped scooters, lawn mowers, and other miscellaneous items towed. Many of the items in the vehicle and on the trailer are suspected as stolen. Georges stated he was in route to meet an individual Detective John and Corporal Turnbough are familiar with who is known to traffic methamphetamines by trading for these types of items. The Maries County Sheriff’s Office will be forwarding an information packet to Missouri State Highway Patrol Information Analysis Center to be shared with law enforcement agencies throughout Missouri.

The Maries County Prosecutor has charged Georges with two counts of Unlawful Possession & Transport of an Illegal Weapon (Class D Felony), two counts of Stealing-Firearm (Class D Felony), Unlawful Possession of Firearm (Class D Felony), Possession of Controlled Substance (Class D Felony), Possession of Marijuana (Class D Misdemeanor), Unlawful Possession of Paraphernalia (Class D Misdemeanor), Driving While Revoked/Suspended (Class A Misdemeanor), and Operate a Motor Carrier with Defective/Inoperable Lights/Signal (Class B Misdemeanor).

Georges was being held in the Maries County Jail on a no bond warrant and has since been returned to the Missouri Department of Corrections for a Parole Board review. The Maries County Sheriff’s Office has also been in contact with the ATF and the United States District Attorney’s Office about this case for possible federal firearms charges, the agency says.