LEBANON, Missouri- Mayor Josh Ray said he was a Bruce Conklin fan as he bids farewell to the departing Lebanon tourism director

“Bruce was a fantastic asset to the Lebanon, and he will be missed tremendously. When I asked a question or offered an idea, he was receptive and informative. He is a prime example of what we can do as an organization when we promote from within. In my first year as mayor when all I’ve been trying to do is find my footing and help the town, Bruce never simply said “No” or ignored me. He helped me navigate roadblocks and offered key guidance for how to improve our town and highlight the positive. He is headed back to his hometown to offer his assistance. I am a Bruce Conklin fan. Go do the great things we all know you have done, and will continue to do!” Ray said.

Conklin departs a nearly three-year stint with the city as he heads home to Putnam County, New York, for a similar position in government.

Bruce Conklin, Facebook photo