“This process appears to be rapidly coming to a conclusion.”

LEBANON. Missouri- Monday evening Lebanon Mayor Josh Ray made following announcement to those assembled during the city council meeting:

“Two weeks ago, I called for the termination of the city administrator. With the help and mediation of this city council and our legal counsel, I am pleased to announce to you all tonight that all parties involved on both sides of the city administrator issue are on board with the City of Lebanon moving beyond our current city administrator. Discussions and negotiations are in the process of being reduced to writing. Council and I have immediately instructed our city counselor to get this paperwork finalized.

Chris Heard, Facebook photo

Government moves slow, but the men and women here on the dais recognize the need to move forward and bring this matter to a swift close so that we can get on with doing other city business. I am at the table working with all concerned parties to have this situation reach the best conclusion possible. As such, I am working with city council and city attorney to finalize a separation agreement that is mutually agreeable and beneficial. This process appears to be rapidly coming to a conclusion.

THIS IS HAPPENING. You have my word that we are in one voice to move to a new city administrator and to put the community FIRST. That means more citizen involvement and a better reaction to citizen concerns from the governing body. Once elected, we should not suddenly cease conversations with the community. Walking door-to-door during a campaign is all well and good, but why stop that direct communication because we won what we wanted to win?

Obviously, I have no problem communicating with the public, so you continue to have my word that I will keep you all updated on this matter as the law allows. I just want you all to know that the governing body and I are on the same page with the separation and moving to a new city administrator, and it will happen as quickly as we can.

My authority is set by state statute, but it means absolutely nothing if the community doesn’t support me. I want to thank each and every person in attendance, because you are my strength. Without you, I could’ve never got us to this point. Once I was a lone voice, but now there are many others amplifying my soft, fragile nerd voice. Help me see this mission through to its completion with our community’s best interest in mind.”