LEBANON, Missouri- Mayor Josh Ray is asking for the citizens of Lebanon to help control mosquitoes by eliminating standing water where they breed and performing other preventative steps:

“The City will be addressing our areas where water collects and breeds mosquitoes, but #LOVELEBANON means that citizen support is important!

– Tip n’ Toss – once a week empty and scrub, turnover, cover, or throw out any items that hold water like tires, buckets, planters, toys, pools, birdbaths, flowerpot saucers, or trash containers. Mosquitoes lay eggs near water.

– Tightly cover water storage containers (buckets, cisterns, rain barrels) so that mosquitoes cannot get inside to lay eggs.
For containers without lids, use wire mesh with holes small enough to keep mosquitoes out.

– Use larvicides to treat large containers of water that will not be used for drinking and cannot be covered or dumped out. When using larvicides always follow label directions.

– Use an outdoor flying insect spray where mosquitoes rest. Mosquitoes rest in dark, humid areas like under patio furniture, or under the carport or garage. When using insecticides, always follow label instructions.

– If you have a septic tank, repair cracks or gaps. Cover open vent or plumbing pipes. Use wire mesh with holes small enough to keep mosquitoes out.

If you have a neighbor that may be unable to take any or all of these steps, help them!” Ray said


Zika Prevention: Controlling Mosquitoes | Health & Senior Services

Everyone can help prevent Zika transmission from occurring in Missouri by implementing two simple steps-control mosquitoes inside and outside your home and use personal protective measures to prevent mosquito bites and prevent sexual transmission.

Photograph of several mosquito larvae resting at water surface
Mosquito Larvae (“Wrigglers”) MDC