LEBANON, Missouri- Mayor Josh Ray is working to prevent another unintended batch release of  city utility customer e-mail addresses from happening again. Last week, apparently 1,300 email addresses went out with a city message promoting e-billing.  A customer who received the message says that the list is 31 pages long.

“Spoke with some of staff. The city clerk is out of the office until tomorrow,” Ray said Tuesday. “The e-mail addresses are public information, but I will be speaking with the city clerk and IT about any possible modules we can put in the system so that it does not blast them in this manner, but rather sends individual e-mails. I look to strike that balance between what is legal and what is right,” he explained.

A customer had complained, believing her privacy had been violated and unscrupulous parties may take advantage of the information, ” I guess what I’m trying to say is that they should have gone out as “blind copies.” Anyone who uses their own name, or a combination of names has now had their privacy breached. At least they have in my humble opinion.”

Reference.com also says that email addresses are considered public records by law and are subject to disclosure by request, but says all states have their own public record laws that determine what documents and records can be disclosed to other members of the public.