FLORISSANT, Missouri- Nigel Bailey earned the Eagle Scout rank when he was 12, now he has an accomplishment that few other  scouts have attained.

KSDK reports that in just two weeks, he’ll receive his 137th badge at a ceremony October 24. Earning so many merit badges means his sash is extra, extra long — and now, there are no more badges to earn until the Boy Scouts create more.

For Nigel, some badges had more merit than others.

“Definitely scuba diving. Scuba diving was a really great merit badge,” said Bailey, “And I’m now scuba certified.

He also learned about another profession.

I actually got to shadow a veterinarian and we did a bunch of surgeries. We took a tumor out of a cat.“

KSDK contacted the Boy Scouts to find out if they track scouts who earn every badge, but got no response. The website MeritBadgeKnot.com says it has confirmed that 352 Scouts have that distinction, fewer than 20 scouts a year nationally.

Nigel is the second oldest of seven siblings. When he’s not scouting, he’s a wiz at Rubik’s Cube, and home schooled by his mom, Erika Bailey, the report explains.

“He set his mind to doing something. He chipped away at it every day, a little bit at a time, one thing for one merit badge every day,” said Erika. “In six years, he was able to get them all. He did exactly his goal and I’m proud of him.”

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