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HARRISONVILLE, Missouri-  Deputies say a  Harrisonville man is in custody and a Cass County Sheriff’s K9 is recovering following a chase Monday evening near the Harrisonville Walmart.

Cass County deputies responded to the area of 291 Hwy and S. Commercial St in Harrisonville Monday night around 5:00pm to assist Harrisonville Police involved in a foot pursuit.  A Cass County Sheriff Deputy and his K9 partner arrived on the scene and located the suspect between business in the 2400 block of Rock Haven Rd, the agency said.
Deputies say the  suspect disregarded commands to stop and continued running.  K9 Champ and his handler then attempted to apprehend the suspect.  According to the deputy, both the suspect and K9 Champ ran into a field where he lost sight of both.  He then heard a bark and yelp, and K9 Champ returned to him.  A short time later the suspect was taken into custody by deputies and officers on the scene.
Following the arrest, K9 Champ’s handler found blood covering the kennel area of his patrol car.  He then checked K9 Champ for injures and located a wound to his neck.  He was transported to Raymore Veterinary Clinic where doctors located a 1 ½ inch puncture wound to the side of K9 Champ’s neck.  According to doctors, the injury does not appear life threatening.
Champ is resting at home with his handler today and being closely monitored.  The suspect is still in custody.  No charges have been filed at this time.