ST. PETERS, Missouri- KMOV is reporting that a woman now faces charges for allegedly shooting her husband,  a Bellefontaine Neighbors police lieutenant and Assistant Chief of Police, at their home in St. Peters.

46-year-old Nancy Applegate attended Wednesday’s Guns ‘N Hoses with her husband Shawn and two others, and drank heavily, according to police.

According to court documents, witnesses said Nancy was “extremely intoxicated” in the car on the way home and acting strangely. She had to be carried into their home and into bed in the basement.

Nancy Applegate

Her husband then  took the other two people who attended Guns ‘n Hoses with them home. When he returned to the house, he told police his wife began making threats to hurt herself and became agitated.

The couple have a number of loaded weapons in their bedroom, and when Nancy tried to get out of bed, her husband reportedly stopped her because of the threats she had made and the amount she’d had to drink, KMOV said.

Police say Lt. Applegate said he pinned his wife’s arms to the bed to restrain her, but she bit his neck. He had to use his hands to pry her mouth open and went upstairs to photograph his injuries. Afterward police say he went to the living room to avoid any further fighting.

Shortly after, she reportedly emerged with a gun and told her husband she had texted several friends that he had choked her and he should call 9-1-1. When Lt. Applegate stood up from his chair, Nancy pointed the gun at his head and demanded he call police.

She then went to the garage and he followed, and she again pointed the gun at him, this time at his chest. According to police, he tried to push her hand toward the ground, but she pulled the trigger, shooting him in the leg.

He collapsed, and she went inside to call police, who arrived shortly after.

When interviewed, Nancy maintained her husband attacked her and tried to choke her, but police were unable to find any injuries consistent with choking. She also reportedly had trouble maintaining consistency when she gave details of the night, and couldn’t remember where she got the gun or which gun it was. She also claimed she shot her husband to protect herself during the struggle, but said the struggle happened in the bedroom. There was no evidence of a struggle in the bedroom when investigators surveyed the scene, and the shooting took place in the garage.

Police say she also made claims she texted friends earlier in the night about her husband acting “odd,” but upon checking her phone, no such messages existed.

When police pressed her on the inconsistencies, they say she refused to talk further without a lawyer.

She is charged with domestic assault and armed criminal action. There is also an internal police investigation into the incident. Lt. Applegate said he could not comment on the incident, but says he believes the shooting was unintentional.

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