PULASKI COUNTY, Missouri-  Pulaski County (MO) Sheriff Jimmy Bench’s son Ryan lost his battle with drug addiction. The following letter is from Sheriff Bench:

Tragedy struck our family several years ago when one of our adult sons started his battle with a drug addiction. Sunday morning his battle with addiction ended with the death of Ryan Bench. Ryan was our foster son who we adopted many years ago. We loved Ryan but we are also dealing with his loss. One our other adult sons wrote on his social media page some of the emotions that we were all feeling yesterday:

Ryan Bench, Facebook

He wrote that “I have a lot of mixed emotions:

1. Anger because of the stupid life choices you made and the people that have to suffer for them.

2. Sadness because we grew up together and you were a good person with a big heart.

3. Hate because you would not try to fix your problems and a child will now grow up without a father.

4. Relief because no longer will we have to worry when this day will come because it was today.

5. I will always remember the good memories but won’t forgive you for the bad ones.

We love you Ryan.”

The reason we are sharing this message is to help other families who struggle with addiction. The reality is that it doesn’t matter who you are or what your job title is the problem does not discriminate. We can attest to that. Please understand that there are only two ways the addiction will end; death or recovery.

Jimmy and Bobbie Bench