SPRINGFIELD, Missouri- Action has been taken against Missouri State University starting quarterback Breck Ruddick after allegations surfaced about an abused dog. A USA Today report alleges he broke a dog’s jaw.

A petition on change.org  is calling on Head Coach Steckel to permanently remove Ruddick from the team has gathered thousands of signatures.

“Ruddick was someone Katie trusted. He had watched her dog before and she had spent a good amount of time with Breck as friends. She never thought leaving her 42 pound Australian Shepherd with Breck, a 200+ pound MSU football player, would lead to this. After “losing his cool” and hitting poor Luca, breck then led him outside and let him run off, all alone and bleeding profusely to try and cover up what he had done. Breck told Katie that “Luca had ran off” and she spent the whole night looking for her dog. The next day, a girl saw Katie’s post on Facebook and explained that she had found Luca in a parking lot covered in blood. The girl was nice enough to take him home and attempted to clean him up. When he was returned to Katie, the next day, he was STILL bleeding. He was then rushed over to the vet where they found that his jaw had been shattered and molers had all been fractured. After a 4 hour surgery, Luca had 6 teeth extracted and many sutures after the vet tried to fix the damage Breck had inflicted. 72 hours later Luca was stable enough to return home with Katie. He will remain on an oatmeal based diet and likeley have a lot of work to do by way of tusting humans again. It was the vet’s professional opinion that Luca had to have been hit more than one time with all of Breck’s force or with another object to have caused that much trauma,” the petition read.

The Springfield police referred Katie to animal control where she is attempting to pursue charges but the outcome of that is still undecided. Missouri State University backed head football coach Dave Steckel in his decision to suspend Ruddick from an upcoming game but that is not near enough. In no world should someone get just “a slap on the wrist” for an unprovoked beating of a defenseless animal.
Missouri State University Releases Updated Statement on Ruddick Suspension:

It has recently come to the attention of head football coach Dave Steckel and Missouri State University that starting quarterback, Breck Ruddick, is accused of animal abuse. The University considers this to be a serious allegation and as such, has taken the following actions:

·Ruddick is suspended indefinitely for conduct detrimental to the team.

·The office of student conduct is coordinating an investigation and will turn findings over to Athletics for team discipline and then will begin university disciplinary action if appropriate. The investigation is a top priority for the University and the football team. It will be prompt, thorough and fair.

·Ruddick will not participate in football activities during the investigation.

The University takes this situation very seriously; however, due process is always required before final disciplinary action is taken by the football team or the University.