COLUMBIA, Missouri- The Boone County Fire Protection District says Missouri Task Force 1 (MO-TF1) continues to forge ahead to their forward staging location in San Antonio, Texas. The 47 member type III team is scheduled to arrive in San Antonio late this evening. The team will likely bed down for the evening, in San Antonio, as hurricane Harvey makes landfall overnight somewhere between Corpus Christi and Houston/Galveston area.

This hurricane has potential to produce record flooding all along the the Texas coast line. MO-TF1 expects to be involved with assisting local jurisdictions with water rescue events, however, the team stands ready for any mission they are assigned. “Our purpose of going to Texas is to assist the citizens in the impact areas as needed. Whether it is water rescues, wide area searches, building collapses or humanitarian efforts our members are ready to go”, said Task Force Leader Rand Sanders, who is leading this deployment.

Missouri Task Force 1 has been activated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to deploy as a type III task force along with Ohio Task Force 1, Utah Task Force 1 and California Task Force 5. Two other teams will deploy as Type I teams and those are Tennessee Task Force 1 and Nebraska Task Force 1. They will also deploy HEPP-3 from Indiana Task Force 1 and HEPP 4 from Colorado Task Force 1, HazMat Equipment Push Package.

The Type III team will deploy 37 personnel, 10 ground support personnel and over 100,000 pounds of equipment. The task force is also authorized to add an additional swift water rescue component to the cache of equipment as well as 14 swift water rescue technicians as part of the 37 personnel. The task force will be headed to the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas, to stage and await their mission assignment.