LOS ANGELES, California- Playboy model and “Queen of Snapchat”  Katie May died after a chiropractic visit her father says. The death occurred in February.

Joe May says  the Los Angeles County coroner attributed his daughter’s death to the actions of a chiropractor she had seen for an adjustment.

The coroner’s office stated the official cause of death was vertebral artery dissection,  essentially the adjustment tore an artery leading to the brain causing a fatal stroke.

The University of California San Francisco says that chiropractic treatment of the neck can be a risk factor for stroke, but the chance of injury is remote.

“The number of chiropractic manipulations performed in the United States each year is in the millions, and the incidence of stroke from all causes is only 10 per 100,000, so we’re not talking about large numbers of victims. But rare incidences do happen, and physicians and patients should be aware of spinal manipulation therapy as a rare but potentially causal factor in stroke,” said the first author of the study, Wade S. Smith, MD, PhD, UCSF associate professor of neurology and director of the UCSF Neurovascular Service at UCSF Medical Center.

Most of the time when a person suffers an injury like May’s, it’s due to a pre-existing condition that makes a patient more vulnerable, according to an ABC 6 report citing  specialist Dr. Manuel Momjian.