JEFFERSON CITY – A continuing need for agricultural assistance in neighboring states struck by wildfires prompted the Missouri Department of Transportation, at the request of Gov. Eric Greitens and in consultation with the Missouri Department of Agriculture, to extend the availability of special oversize load permits. In addition, MoDOT is temporarily suspending the need for trip and fuel tax permit for those hauling hay, fencing and other materials in order to streamline relief efforts.

Oversize permits are required of loads exceeding 8’6” in width. A special oversize permit, available now through May 8, 2017, for overwide loads of hay will:
— Be issued free of charge
— Be issued up to 12’ wide (load length, height and weight must remain within legal limits)
— Allow travel during curfew hours and at night

Drivers must abide by all other permit regulations including the use of reflective oversize load signs and clearance lights instead of flags at the edges of loads when hauling at night or when visibility is less than 500 feet.

MoDOT also waives the temporary fuel and trip registration permits for these moves. Drivers do not need to carry a copy of the waiver, however links to the waivers can be found online at