LEBANON, Missouri- Just moments ago Lori Carillo, the mother of burn victim Alee Malleck provided the following update on her daughter’s condition:

“Well, I had one update already typed up and ready to hit “Share” when Alee’s nurse came in. It’s good that she did because I would have posted a much more positive update than I actually got.
Alee looks a lot better. The swelling is really starting to go down. You wouldn’t believe that if you saw her now and hadn’t seen how swollen she was even just 3 days ago. She was snoring tonight. You never notice how much you miss that annoying sound. Her vitals were steady (but heart rate is still elevated). They would like her heart rate around 100, but it’s been at about 130 and gets as high as 195. Blood pressure looks good. Her temperature is up so they were giving her medication for that.

They had to start her on anxiety medication last night. She started having panic attacks about every hour and a half. I wasn’t told this on the phone this morning. They are going to see about getting her started on PTSD medication as soon as possible. ”

“They have her hands in stints to keep the grafts from basically sticking together and healing wrong. She also has a stint on her leg. They switch which leg it is on every two hours. It is to keep her joints from getting too stiff on her and having the grafts and skin heal incorrectly.”

“The have her next surgery scheduled for Thursday morning. I want to be here for her, but that is the morning of the babies’ funerals. I wish they could do the surgery the next day.
I’ll be back down in the morning and I’ll update again when I know something new. Until then, keep sending those prayers. We all really need them these next few days with the visitations, funerals, Alee’s surgery and continued healing. ”

Thank you everyone for the outpouring of love, support, prayers, donations, and everything else you have done. I am truly amazed.

Sorry if this is a little incoherent, I’m one tired momma.

Alee Malleck

You can help the family here: https://www.gofundme.com/malleck-family