LEBANON, Missouri- A Lebanon mother says her 15 year-old daughter was  pursued by a man online who said  he was 19, but others say he may be possibly much older. The teen girl allegedly received an unsolicited message starting out with, “Hey Beautiful.” The girl then asks his age and he replies 19. The mother explains what happened next:

” Even AFTER she told him she was 15, he asked her what she was wearing. He told her he was 19… his profile says he was born in like 86.

Needless to say, I took care of that real quick… but especially my Lebanon friends… watch your daughters. This is not ok.

My daughter has since blocked him.”

He apparently told another female he was 29 in a message and another woman who claims to have dated him places his age as about that. According to his Facebook profile, the man currently is employed as a  team leader/cook at a local fast-food restaurant and has held a number of other related jobs. He also describes himself as “proud single father.”

The complete text of the conversation is republished below:  

M (male) : Hey Beautiful

F (female teen) : How old are you?

M: I am 19

M: You?

F: Do you have a kid?

M: Yea Is That A Bad Thing?

F: No that’s chill but you probably should not be messaging younger girls.

M: How old are you?

F: 15

M: That’s Not Much Of A Difference Sweetie.

F; Don’t call me that

M: Sorry

M: What are you wearing? Jw

P : This is (edited)’s mom. You so much think About messaging her again… I’ll press charges. Need proof who this is. I’ll show you.  Her dad is right next to me. Back off.


The victim’s mother said he has not filed a police report as yet, but plans on getting in touch with the LPD.