JEFFERSON CITY, Missouri- Colonel Sandra K. Karsten, superintendent of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, would like to make the public aware of the following:

The Missouri State Highway Patrol’s Water Patrol Division will be conducting their annual buoy audit beginning May 1, 2018. The division manages thousands of buoy permits, which must be maintained by the individual permit holders.

The annual audit involves verifying the permit holder still owns the property associated with the permit, ensuring the buoy is placed properly, and confirming the buoy displays the correct markings. Additionally, the buoy must be well maintained and the markings must be visible to boaters. Buoy permits are required to be placed by April 1 each year, unless otherwise specified in the permit. Buoys which are not in compliance with the permit requirements are subject to revocation.

The cooperation of buoy permit holders in maintaining navigational buoy markers on our waterways is appreciated. Any questions regarding the buoy audit or individual buoy permits may be directed to the Water Patrol Division at 573-751-5071, or by email at

MSHP Water Patrol

“Watercraft operators must consider the effect their actions have on others: Share the waterway and use common sense, good judgment, and courtesy to ensure the safety of all. Life jackets save lives. Wear It!!, the Colonel adds.