“My little 6 year old girl, Mikayla, passed away this past Saturday morning due to unknown reasons that we as parents will never understand.

She was born with a condition called Caudal Regression Syndrome that is an extremely rare condition that we were told she would never make it out of the hospital with.

She defied those odds. She became a centerpiece to what true joy and love is all about and she inspired so many people including her mother and I.

This little girl loved Jesus and knew that her home was in Heaven and not here. She never let her disability become a hinderance nor define who she was as a person. She used her skills to capture the heart of anyone who had the privilege to meet her.

Though we are heartbroken and shattered over our loss, we are blessed.

Blessed to be Mikayla’s parents, blessed that a six year old could shake the core of an adult’s faith, blessed to have had the opportunity to watch her grow up, blessed to watch her fight battles we will never understand, blessed that so many loved her, and blessed that God is holding her tight for us right now.



I want to share her story, not for fame, but to encourage any and everyone who struggles in their lives and faith to know that there is a true joy to be had when you accept Jesus into your life.

Word cannot describe the hurt and the pain Heather and I have endured the last several days, and it really has only just begun.

What I do know is this…

God had a plan for Mikayla. He used her to show people that no matter what obstacle you face, He will be there and He will get the glory and prevail.

His presence was definitely known today as His love is what kept Heather and I from melting into a slop of flesh.

He helped us keep our head high, be proud, and celebrate such a beautiful little girl inside and out, and guess what?

God blessed us with the opportunity to raise such a wonderful little human being who never gave up and never quit.

I hope and pray you will all read this and know this road isn’t going to be easy and it is certainly going to sting, BUT God has our girl and Heather and I will enter the gates of Heaven and watch her run for the first time and play once again.

Please share this to as many people as you can in hopes that anyone that needed to hear this or who are struggling can read it and hopefully be blessed.

I have confidence that my little girl’s life will bring people to Christ, and they too will be able to love on her in Heaven as much as we all did on Earth.

Thank you all and we love you. This is for you Mikayla Lynn.

– James Kincheloe