Nearly 20 years after finding out about Water and Air Quality Contamination in Camdenton the Saga Continues.  Camdenton Mayor John Mcnabb held a press conference to discuss  the issues that some citizens had about the contamination caused by Modine Facility in Camdenton   “I first became aware of the water quality issues soon after I became a member of the Board of Alderman in October 2007. I feel that the City was drawn into this situation and is also a victim in this issue.” CAMDENTON MAYOR  JOHN MCNABB

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Mayor Mcnabb what would you like to tell the people of Camdenton, is there a health concerns?  MAYOR MCNABB ” I think very possibility there are some health concerns but I think it has more  to due with the air quality than with the water quality”



1990 Hulett Lagoon was closed, waste water treatment plant became operational. Sludge from Lagoon was spread at Airport under DNR supervision and no TCE detected

March 1993 Detect TCE in Mulberry Well. Level was not measurable

January 1997 First measurable amount of TCE @ 3.8 PPB. City began quarterly testing under DNR supervision

January 1998 Press Release issued regarding rising levels of TCE. Question raised about what City would do if we exceed 5.0 PPB

March 1998 In an open report to the Board of Alderman the 12-month average was 4.7 PPB under DNR supervision

Jan 1999 City was preparing to take Mulberry Well offline. Hickory Well was completed and Mulberry Well as taken offline.

Since that time, we have continued to pump the well to waste under DNR direction and supervision.