FAIRFAX, Virginia- The National Rifle Association says in a blog that Missouri Tigers head football coach Barry Odom recently implemented an unorthodox new rule for his players, forbidding them from owning a handgun, even it was purchased “legally.”

The NRA said in an article: “You read that right. A well-paid new head coach of an NCAA Division I football program is commanding his unpaid talent, err, “student-athletes,” to forgo owning a handgun, denying their right to self-defense, hunting and recreational pistol or revolver shooting pursuits – Constitutional rights, mind you – for, well, “reasons.”

“More puzzling even, Odom said that guns used “for hunting” were different from handguns, and didn’t mind if players owned them,” the article continues.

“I guess Barry doesn’t know about the entire discipline of hunting using handguns, and probably hasn’t heard of any of these handguns for hunters. ”

Republican Sen. Brian Munzlinger, who himself uses a pistol to hunt, was quick to question Odom’s directive, blasting the coach and the Mizzou athletic department for unreasonably disarming law-abiding students, the NRA said.

See NRA’s complete story here. 

In a story reported by FOXsports,  Odom said, “We’ve got policies within our program and obviously within the university on a number of things, and handguns would be one of those policies,” “You’ve got to make sure with the rules, and you mentioned hunting and some things like that, but if there’s a handgun issue, then we deal with it and not allow it in the program.”

In regards to communicating his stances on handguns when he’s recruiting players from various backgrounds, Odom said: “You talk about the culture on living the right way and the culture on being a college student-athlete and address it. I believe in being honest and upfront and making sure all the information is provided very, very clearly, ” the report continued.

Differing with the NRA version of the story, they say the Tigers’ policy relates only to the illegal possession of guns.