OKLAHOMA, CITY, Oklahoma-  The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says a trooper recorded a vehicle doing 208 miles per hour during a pursuit.

They say Saturday morning, November 12th, Trooper Ryan Smith #629 was working stationary radar on the Kilpatrick Turnpike in Oklahoma City. He checked a Mustang twice at speeds of 85 and 84 mph (in a 70mph zone) and turned around to stop the vehicle.

The Mustang quickly accelerated and Trooper Smith checked the speed at 176 mph and an additional time at 208 mph. The driver also turned off the headlights and break lights, attempting to elude Trooper Smith.
A Canadian County Deputy informed Trooper Smith he saw a vehicle matching the description near Sara Road and Northwest Expressway.

Trooper Smith caught up to the Mustang at a red light at Northwest Expressway and HWY 3 and initiated a traffic stop. The driver of the Mustang turned south, pulled over and dropped his keys out of the drivers window.
Trooper Smith arrested the driver for Reckless Driving and Felony Eluding. He also was able to determine the driver is a member of a local racing group, the agency said.

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