LINCOLN COUNTY, Oklahoma (KFOR) –  A subject accused of killing two people and shooting two Oklahoma officers has a medical condition and may try to spread disease, an Oklahoma Highway Patrol wanted poster states.

Around 6:30 p.m. Sunday, officers were called to reports of shots fired in the Wellston area.

Officials say, when authorities arrived to the scene, Michael Vance opened fire with an AK-47, injuring two Wellston police officers. The weapon had a 100 round magazine.

Fortunately, the officers’ injuries are non-life-threatening according to a report by KFOR.

The officers have been identified as Officer Shawn Stewart and Officer Jim Hampton. They were shot in the lower extremities.

Vance allegedly stole a Wellston police vehicle left the scene.

After ditching the stolen police vehicle, Vance allegedly shot a woman after carjacking a man at a trailer park.

“A man just came off 66, pulled in front of some people, made them get out of their car. I mean, he had the gun drawn and everything and then, after he stole their car and was driving out, he shot a couple shots toward us, and I just so happened to get hit,” said Hollie Ahearn.

The bullet is still lodged in her left upper thigh.

Ahearn also sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

That stolen car was reportedly found at Triple X Rd. and Covell, where two people were found shot to death just before midnight.

Around 10:45 a.m., authorities identified the victims who were killed as 55-year-old Ronald Wilkson and 54-year-old Kay Wilkson.

Vance is the Wilksons’ nephew, officials say.

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