ROSEBURG, Oregon-  KPIC reports that Deanna Murphy-Vest’s mom’s dog died in surgery trying to give birth to two more pups after delivering eight.

“It has been a huge endeavor of everyone pulling together to keep these eight little beauties going with around-the-clock feedings,” Murphy-Vest wrote. “My mom is exhausted.”

Then she saw Daisy’s story on the news.

Daisy the dog had lost her seven puppies in a barn fire this week.

“She’s just been so sad and so heartbroken,” said Christine Nelson, Daisy’s owner. “She just goes down to the barn and just sits there and tries to look for them still. She quit eating.”

Daisy met the 10-day old puppies on Friday, the report said.

“They are border collie puppies,” Nelson said. “Daisy is half border collie.”

“Daisy is in heaven!” she added.

“It’s hard to see them go anywhere because we are very attached,” Murphy-Vest wrote, “but we know how our mamma dog would have felt if she was in this dog’s situation.”