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NEOSHO, Missouri- The Joplin Globe is reporting Leggett & Platt Inc. will close Talbot Industries in Neosho. The action will result in the loss of more than 100 jobs.

The closure after the first of the year of Talbot Industries, a longtime manufacturer of wire and tubing products primarily used in the retail industry, will affect approximately 128 production, administrative and management staff members.

“We announced this decision to employees as soon as possible to give them as much advance notice as we can,” said Valerie Glaze, L&P director of employee relations. “So all of the details aren’t entirely pinned down yet. We can share more information when we’re further along in the process,” the Globe explained.

The report says the company anticipates the first discharge of its employees to take effect in February and that a majority of its remaining employees will be let go by the end of April, according to an L&P press release.

“Keep in mind, none of the Talbot employees will be released before mid-February at the earliest, and that will be a small number of people,” Glaze said. “We anticipate releasing additional employees in a staggered fashion between mid-February and the end of April.”

Glaze said that L&P plans to request a visit from the state to conduct meetings with workers to discuss additional training opportunities and job search assistance.

“When you have a plant closing, your employees are eligible for additional benefits that they aren’t otherwise eligible for from the state,” Glaze said. “It’s our practice to invite the state to come on-site and hold meetings with our employees to go over all of these benefits that they become eligible for. Having the meetings on-site and during regular business hours will make it more convenient for our employees to attend.”

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