LEBANON, Missouri- Local Narcan (naloxone) advocates Joe Poor and Tiffany Addington addressed city council on the benefits of the lifesaving opiate antidote and said it should be carried by the Lebanon Police Department. Poor called the decision a “no brainer.” He said that there have been no opioid overdoses under the tenure of Coroner Steve Murrell but Addington said it’s not a matter of it, but when it hits our city. ABC17 says more than a dozen heroin overdoses were reported in Pulaski County over 10 days during 2105. It costs between $20-$40 dollars for a full Naloxone kit and they are currently being carried by the Lebanon Fire Department according to Chief  Sam Schneider. “We cannot help an addict recover if they are dead,” Addington concluded but stressed the treatment could be used for accidental prescription overdoses by the elderly for example.

Naloxone, also known by the trade name Narcan®, is a prescription medication that reverses heroin and prescription opiate overdoses. Some people call naloxone the “opiate antidote.”