Lebanon, Missouri– Lori Carillo, the mother of surviving Ivey Lane fire victim Alee Malleck shared the following today about the condition of her hospitalized daughter:

“Such a hard visit with Alee this morning. There hasn’t been any change. Her heart rate and blood pressure were pretty elevated and she was starting to move around and open her eyes. They had to come in and give her more pain meds to keep her under the sedation and ease her pain a little. The nurses are assuring me that this is normal and she won’t remember it.

Last night, the nurse told me these were signs they look for to know if the pain meds are wearing off and they need to give her something else for pain. It breaks my heart to know she is in so much pain. I just want to wrap my arms around my baby and never let her go. I hate that I can’t even lay my hand on her arm.

I noticed a card that was left here for Alee and I opened it and read it to her. I’d like to think she heard me and that she appreciated it. I, also, played some music for her. Her heart rate started to lower when I turned on one of her favorite songs.

Please, keep praying for my baby girl.”

Alee was severely injured in the June 6th Lebanon trailer fire which claimed the lives of 5 related children.

Donations can be left at Holman Howe Funeral Home, the Sheriff’s Office and a variety of local businesses, some which are matching gifts.

Memorial on Ivey Lane